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Digital Organizing

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Digital Consult

During this consult I can help answer any photo-organizing questions you may have. I will be able to demonstrate my approach right on your computer using screen sharing software (optional)- If you just want to chat I’m happy to do that as well.

Have questions about something else? Im happy to help with that too

Let’s Chat!

Price: $50 (45 minutes)

Digital Photo Organizing

Let’s organize your photos!

I will consolidate, sort, deduplicate, and backup ALL your digital photos. During the initial call we will use screen sharing software to review the current state of your photos, format your external hard drive, and choose a cloud service.

Live across the country? or around the world? NO PROBLEM! This service is fully remote

Deposit: $500
(Deposit is required upon booking a digital organizing session. Remaining balance due after initial call)

kiddie cup- computer + 1 source (phone): $850
double scoop- up to 5 sources: $1000
the banana split- 6+ sources: $1200


Custom Photo Albums

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Family Yearbooks

Can’t find the time to create a yearly photo album for your family to enjoy? Let me do the work! Send me your photos and I’ll design a beautiful album

Price: $450 (up to 70 pages)

Optional add-on: $125
Send me ALL your photos for the year and I’ll pick the best ones.

Event Album

Want to preserve a special event? Send me the photos and I’ll do the work! Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, and other milestones!

Price: $300 (up to 30 pages)


Video Services

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Annual Video Reel

What do you do with all the videos you take?!
I will turn your video clips from the year turned into a “home video”.

Price: $100 (Maximum 2 hours)
This options doesn’t include editing or music

Custom Video

Perfect for yearly recaps, special events, vacations, or just everyday moments!

Price: $250 (up to 10min of footage)
$350 (up to 20min footage)
Video includes edits and music



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Scanning Services

Have hundreds, maybe thousands of photos laying around in shoe boxes and albums?

Let’s digitize them!

Digitizing allows the photos to be preserved, backed-up, and shared with family members

Price: $0.50 per photo

for reference: a one-inch thick stack is about 100 photos

I’m currently only able to scan images/documents up to size 8X10, if you have images larger please contact me directly using the “contact me” tab


More Services

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Gift Certificates

Gift certificates available

Valid toward any of my services

Price: Any dollar amount!

Info session

Have questions? Want to know more about my services before booking? Lets chat!!

Price: FREE (15 minutes)

Have questions?

Read from a list of Frequently Asked Questions, or contact me directly!