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Are you overwhelmed by your digital photo mess? Think of digital photo organizing as your SOLUTION to that mess. I will help consolidate, sort, deduplicate, and safely backup all of your digital photos–overwhelm gone!

We will need to “meet” on the phone for the initial call and wrap up session, both about 1 hour in length. In between I will work independently using screen share software- you can sit back and let the magic happen!

It would be helpful to have a new external hard drive (usually 2TB) prior to our initial call, but no other prep is needed

It is! screen sharing is a private meeting that you have to authorize for me to be able to have access to your computer. Once you close the screen share I no longer have access. I know this can cause some apprehension so please reach out to me if you have further questions

Pricing for digital organizing sessions range from $1000-$1500 depending on the number of sources.

Kiddie cup: computer and one other source (usually phone) = $1000

Double scoop: up to 5 source =$1200

Hot fudge sundae: 6+ sources =$1500

Source examples: phone/iCloud, computer, external hard drive, dropbox, google photos, amazon photos, etc.

Have questions? Want to chat before booking?

Book a FREE 15min info session, booking link located on the services page

Your photos will be scanned in 600dpi. I will return all your scanned photos on a USB thumbdrive drive.

If you are local we can meet somewhere. Not local? No problem! You can ship them to me, further instructions regarding shipping will be provided with booking

Let me help! I can turn your pictures into beautiful albums for all to enjoy. Send me the photos you want included, or for an additional fee send me ALL your photos and I’ll choose the best ones!

Photo albums are also great for: vacations, family reunions, in remembrance/tribute, wedding, baby’s first year, recipe book, other celebrations, and so much more!

Let’s bring back the “home video”

Raise your hand if you take cute videos of your cute kids, post it to social media, and then never see it again (I know Im guilty of that!)

Lets get those videos off your phone and turned into a “home movie” we can load it to a USB or your YouTube channel so you can enjoy it right from the comfort of your couch

Gift certificates are available!

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